I’ve had a little bit of news that I’ve been sitting on. I made myself wait until after the new year just to get started.

Yesterday, I taught my first university class and pinched myself. I’m pleased to announce that I have been tapped to teach Interactive Design for Tulane University’s new Digital Design degree track.

Tulane University School of Professional Advancement – Graphic Design Classroom

Tulane University School for Professional Advancement’s Digital Design program

Starting this Spring and hopefully, for the foreseeable future, I will be teaching Foundations to Interactive Design, Interactive Studio 1, Social Media Studio 1 in the Summer, and Interactive Studio 2 in the Fall.

Headed by Amanda Garcia, Ph.D., Tulane’s new design degree is filled with working professionals from around the city and my new colleagues are some of the best and brightest. Whether you are interested in game design, animation, traditional graphic design, or user experience oriented design, Tulane SoPA has you covered.


Digital Design Professor at Tulane

After I first met with Amanda, I substituted and sat in on some of her classes to get a feel for the program and it’s progress. The students are doing great work and I’ve already started immersing them in interactive literature (thanks A Book Apart, y’all are the best.) I can’t wait to see what these students produce and partner with.

I have literally been sitting on this news for months, waiting to burst! I’m thrilled at this opportunity.


Digital Design in New Orleans

If you have any advice or concerns about the future of UX / ID teaching outcomes, I would love to talk about it! Hit me up in the comments below, on Twitter, or by email!

For more information about Tulane SoPA’a new digital design degree, visit their website here.
While you’re at it, check out my faculty bio!