Happy, Satisfied People

Stunning work is important, but so is cohesiveness and professionalism. It is my pleasure to be a part of the team and strive for solutions and compromises that fulfill everyone's goals. View my recommendations below!

If somebody asked me, “What does Samantha bring to Story Block Media?” I’d say: Sam has a "Let's go get em" attitude. She comes up with fun & exciting new ideas, & she's willing to jump in and help wherever it's needed.

One thing that Samantha does to help me be better at my work is Sam is very smart and strategic. She's a problem-solver and always has a great solution.

"Sam is a well-organized, enthusiastic and energetic associate on the AIGA New Orleans board. She is always very helpful and is willing to share her ideas with the group and is a great creative collaborator. All in all, she is a valuable team member, and our organization is much better for her involvement."

"Samantha has been a driving force for our chapter this past year! Her devotion to design and eagerness to improve the industry is evident in everything she does. An interactive designer at heart, Sam is a valuable asset for both her design and management skills."

“We always keep you in mind! You are so great and easy to work with.”

"In the year that I worked with Samantha, she came to work with a positive attitude and an enthusiasm for design and technology that was obvious in the blogs she wrote, her participation in company meetings and in her work. Samantha's generous spirit was apparent in her many volunteer efforts. Her ability to coordinate volunteer functions and gather participants to help exhibited her strong leadership qualities."

"Web design is an industry that is constantly evolving and Sam is one of the most driven designers I have seen that strives to stay current, knowledgeable, and inspired with these rapidly changing technologies. While working with Sam at Mudbug Media it was easy to spot her interest in building websites that conform to current web standards and best practices, making sure that the sites she built were universally accessible and logical. Sam was also a key member to our volunteer committee at Mudbug Media, spearheading the company's community activities. Sam's commitment to the New Orleans AIGA Chapter and involvement in the Louisiana design community make her a terrific designer and industry expert."

"Sam is a quick learner and tends to excel most on the code side. While most designers shy away from the code view, Sam is enthusiastic about learning complex code and problem-solving technical issues."